Iperius Backup 5.8.1


Neue Eigenschaften
  • Backup ESXi and Hyper-V: various improvements and optimizations
  • Hyper-V Backup: Now you can pause (put in saved state) and restart virtual machines even from the network
Gelöste Programmfehler
  • VMware ESXi Backup: fixed an error in the restore due to the new port parameter
  • Hyper-V Backup: Fixed an issue that prevented virtual machines from being paused (put in saved state)
  • Fixed a "program not responding" issue when copying large files and the status window was invisible.
  • Fixed a problem in restoring individual files from drive image in case of paths with accented letters or unicode characters.

Iperius Backup 5.8.0


Neue Eigenschaften
  • Backup of VMware ESXi 6.7: Iperius is now compatible with vSphere 6.7, improving performance and functionality.
  • Drive Image Restore: now with Iperius you can automatically explore an image backup, to extract and restore single files from VHDX or VHD images (granular restore)
Gelöste Programmfehler
  • ESXi Backup: fixed some timeout and connection problems
  • ESXi Backup: fixed a problem in listing the VMs in case of datastores with the same names on vCenter
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL backup: fixed some problems in backing up databases containing spaces or special characters
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL backup: resolved a restore verification problem
  • Oracle backup: fixed a problem checking the backup date
  • Fixed a network authentication problem when using the "individual subitems" special variable

Iperius Backup 5.7.4


Neue Eigenschaften
Gelöste Programmfehler
  • Backup to OneDrive: fixed an issue that caused some files to be uploaded again even if they had not been modified
  • Fixed an issue related to the loss of the activation code

Iperius Backup 5.7.3


Neue Eigenschaften
  • Some minor improvements
Gelöste Programmfehler
  • Backup to Google Drive: fixed an error in creating temporary files
  • Backup to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business: fixed an error in creating temporary files
  • Backup Exchange and Exchange 365: some minor issues fixed
  • Restore from Google Drive: fixed a problem in showing remote files

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