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5.4.5 (44,1 MB) - XP, Vista, 7, 8, Windows 10 - 2003, 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016 / 32-64 bit


Systemabbild (Drive Image), Backup auf NAS, Backup von geöffneten Dateien (VSS), Unbefristete Lizenz
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Iperius is a complete Windows utility for data backup. You can use the Freeware version (also for Windows Server) to back up files to NAS, external disks, RDX drives, etc. without any time limitation - or choose an enterprise version, with plenty of backup functions and advanced features: copy of open files (VSS), Drive Image for disaster recovery, backup of ESXi and Hyper-V virtual machines, SQL Server and MySQL database backup, Exchange Server backup, backup to LTO Tape, backup to Cloud (Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.), backup to FTP/SFTP . Starting from Iperius Free, a trial of the Full version can be activated to test all the features of the software.

Iperius Console


Iperius Console is the advanced tool for centralized management and monitoring of your computers and backup. Using either the dedicated desktop application or just the web portal, you can view the results of your backup operations, examine the details of any errors, set and customize the backup schedulings and also run backup jobs remotely. The console integrates perfectly with all the products of Iperius Suite, allowing also to remotely update Iperius Backup to the latest version. The large amount of information provided keeps users updated about the status of every PC and Server where Iperius is installed, making Iperius Console an extremely useful IT Monitoring tool, both for your customers and your company.

Iperius Console App

Iperius Remote

Iperius Console App

The optimal software for remote assistance

Iperius Remote is the light and efficient software for remote desktop connection. It allows users to remotely connect to any Windows computer, for technical support, presentations, or customer service. The remote control of a PC was never this simple, including advanced features like bidirectional file transfer, multi-user chat and installing the software as a Windows service to enable the automatic access without any inputs by the operator.

Weitere Hauptmerkmale:

Iperius Console App
  • Ransomware protection by detecting encrypted files
  • Installation als Windows-Dienst und Datensicherung von Netzwerken
  • Parallele Ausführung mehrerer Sicherungen
  • Detaillierte Berichte
  • Ausführung externer Scripte, Prozesse und Dateien, vor und nach der Sicherung
  • Verknüpfung von Backup-Jobs
  • Spezielle Variablen, um Pfade und Einstellungen einfach anzupassen
  • Unbegrenzte Backup-Jobs, unbegrenzte Quellelemente, unbegrenzte Ziele
  • AutoUpdate über Internet
  • Automatische Authentifizierung auf Netzwerkfreigaben
  • Geplante und automatisierte Ausführung von einzelnen Backup-Jobs
  • Ein-/Ausschlussfilter basierend auf Datei-Erweiterungen
  • Automatische Abschaltung nach Sicherung